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“We Strive to Elevate Homes, Neighbourhoods and Communities.” That’s the mission statement of our company, Launch Property Group. My wife and I started the company together as a family business while we were living in Orlando, Florida where we relocated while working for PepsiCo.

We started the business in early 2015 to be part of the housing market turnaround that was happening in Orlando. After the 2008 financial crisis, in addition to millions of job losses, there was a significant housing crash. Almost overnight a large number of Americans lost over 20% of the equity in their properties. Florida was one of the hardest hit areas and at rock bottom the state had 1 in 4 houses going through the foreclosure process. Putting food on the table was prioritized over paying the mortgage or doing needed house maintenance. It didn’t take long before many homes were distressed and in need of repairs. Our company offered homeowners in distressed situations a solution.

Now in Saugeen Shores Ontario

At the end of 2016 our family relocated to Saugeen Shores where my wife has roots (I grew up in Harriston) to raise our now three month old twin girls. There are some differences in the Saugeen Shores real estate market compared to Orlando but our mission remains the same: We Strive to Elevate Homes, Neighbourhoods and Communities. Continuing our family business in the Saugeen Shores market is something we are very excited about!

Our business model is simple, we purchase properties in-need of repairs and breathe new life back into them by renovating and improving the condition of the property. Renovations can be challenging, time consuming, and very costly and not all homeowners want the hassle or the headache. These types of properties are ones that we especially love! Our acquisition strategy is unique—we purchase properties using cash which leads to a much faster closing timeline than a traditional buyer that may have multiple conditions including financing and home inspections. All of the repairs and updates done to our renovations are completed with materials from local businesses by licensed and insured contractors from our local network.

Our renovations are extensive. We don’t just put new paint on the wall or new laminate on the floor and call our projects complete. Properties we renovate are very different from other homes in the local market. A completed renovation by Launch Property Group is similar to purchasing a new home except it is located in a mature neighborhood—not surrounded by new construction.

Important Items We Renovate

Here are some of the items we renovate, and their importance:

  • Infrastructure – Roof, Windows, Plumbing and Electrical. These are not the wow factor items that the TV shows talk about but they build confidence with a future owner. Any one of these items in poor working condition can put a family (or their pocketbook) at risk. Our projects will often have new roofs, new windows, updated plumbing and electrical systems that are all permitted, inspected and meet building code.
  • Mechanical Systems – HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and Water Heat. Our projects will have new high efficiency forced air natural gas heating and cooling systems and water heaters providing the most economical system for the future owner.
  • Open Concept – Whenever possible we look to increase the open concept feel of the main living areas. Kitchens – New cabinets, granite or quartz countertops and stainless appliances are common in our projects.
  • Bathrooms – New bathrooms are essential for a new home feel. We put extra focus into the Master Suite Bathroom. In one of our current local renovations we are replacing a tiny 2-piece with a 5-piece that is more than triple the size.
  • Flooring – Real hardwood flooring looks beautiful and holds its value for decades.
Local Renovated Homes For Sale in Saugeen Shores

Launch Property Group currently has 2 projects underway in Saugeen Shores, one in Port Elgin and one in Southampton, with more to come. Our earliest completed renovation is on Wellington Street (Click Here) with a mid-March completion date. We invite you and your family to come see a

renovated home by Launch

Property Group.

Keep an eye out for a future two part blog discussing “Why You might be interested in a fully renovated home in Saugeen Shores.”

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